Project 366

I wanted to start a 365-day photography project at the beginning of the year.  The first of January came and went without me picking up my camera, and the project was over before it began.  As I approach my birthday, I realize that the calendar isn’t the only way to mark time.  I can start my Project 365 on any day that I like, and what better day than on the first of my 30th year?  So, starting this Saturday, I will take and post one photo every day for a year.

Because 2016 is a leap year, it will actually be a 366-day project.  The project itself is daunting enough, so what’s one more day?

I have to admit that my biggest concern is that I won’t find inspiration in the world around me.  That I won’t have any subject matter to shoot.  Lots of people who complete a Project 365 end up with about 300+ images of their pets and children.  I have neither of those things, so does that mean that the “easy” shots I can take from my living room won’t be as beautiful or loving as the ones that come from other hobbyists that also happen to be moms?  I hope not.

To make the project a little more accessible to me, I don’t intend to shoot every image with my DSLR.  Some may come from my iPhone, or my point and shoot.  Some may even be scans of medium-format photos I take with a Holga, if I ever get around to converting the laundry room closet into a darkroom.

The images may be mundane.  They may be interesting.  They will come from our city, our back yard, the view from my lens while we’re on vacation, or inside our home. Some may be of my food, or my shoes, or my latest manicure.  Some will be shared on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  The pictures that I think will interest our friends and family will be reposted here. The ones from Disneyland may end up on our Disney blog,  But all will be shared first on my Tumblr,

Stay tuned,