It’s Time for Wine!

It’s Friday evening.  Okay, it’s Friday afternoon, but at least it’s late afternoon!  I’m celebrating the weekend a little early today because our washer and dryer were finally installed!  For all of you who know of our previous apartment, this is kind of a big deal.  For the last six years we lived in a place with very little space and we were basically weekend slaves to the local laundromat.

These illusive appliances were my first lesson in the laid-back prairie lifestyle of the Wild West.  It seems that things like furniture orders and appliance installations happen at a pace that can best be described as moseying.  When I ordered my adorable reading chair from World Market?  It moseyed its way from their warehouse to my local store, then finally into our home.  When we ordered our washer and dryer on Presidents Day weekend, we had no idea it would be 3+ weeks for Sears to get them to us.  And again, the sofa that we bought last weekend wasn’t available to come home with us and won’t be delivered for another 8 to 12 days.  This was better than the three to six week time frame given to us by another store, so we went with it.  We’re learning to mosey too.  Slowly but surely, the house is coming together.  For now, I’m happy to just crack open a bottle of wine and do some laundry.

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